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Volume 9, Issue 3, 1995

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American Economic Association

The 1995 conference of the American Economic Association will be held in San Francisco from the 5th-7th January 1996, as part of the Allied Social Sciences Association meetings. As usual there will be a Computer Aided Instruction session, this year organised by Tod Porter, Teresa Riley and Bill Yohe.

The next issue of CHEER will carry a full report. Meanwhile plans are underway for two CAI sessions at the 1997 meetings in New Orleans (3rd-5th January). The first session would be open to any type of activity related to CAL. It could include (but is not limited to): demonstrations of innovative software, studies of the effectiveness of software usage, innovative use of the internet, and surveys of different types of software (such as macroeconomic simulations, statistical packages or tutorials).

The second session would consist of a panel discussion on the CD ROM principles titles currently being distributed by text publishers. Each panelist would be expected to review the features of a specific CD ROM title, and comment on the software's strengths and weaknesses. The panel would conclude with a discussion on what features they would like to see added to future projects. Ideally, the panelist would use the CD ROM in a class prior to the meetings.

The decision on whether the session will be included in the meetings is made by the American Economic Association organizing committee around May. The proposed session must be submitted to the AEA by February 1, 1996, so please

send proposals by January 22, 1996 to:

Tod S. Porter and Teresa M. Riley, Economics Department, DeBartolo Hall, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH 44555, USA. E-mail: FR164801@YSUB.YSU.EDU Fax: (216) 742-2304

Resources for Economists on the Internet

Two new mailing lists have been created for the distribution of "Resources for Economists on the Internet." This guide, available in both ASCII and html forms (the latter on many sites, including list the numerous resources of interest to economists on the Internet. An earlier and much smaller version appeared in the Summer 1994, issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives. The current October issue, vol. 1 no. 11, just now being released, has 49 sections with 279 distinct resources and 142 mailing lists.

There are two lists for the distribution of the ASCII form: rfe-all, and rfe-summary. The first distributes the entire ASCII guide (the current one is 275K in size). The second list will just contain the table of contents, instructions how to obtain the guide, and a few notes on major new resources.

These two lists will only be used to distribute "Resources for Economists," which comes out approximately quarterly. Thus, this may be the ultimate in a low volume list.

The current issue, vol. 1, no. 11 (October) will be issued on these lists on Friday, Nov. 10.

To subscribe to rfe-all, send email to, and in the body (not subject line) of your email message, write subscribe rfe-all

To subscribe to rfe-summary, send email to, and in the body (not subject line) of your email message, write subscribe rfe-summary

To unsubscribe from either, send email to, and in the body of the message, write

unsubscribe rfe-summary
unsubscribe rfe-all

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