Economics Network CHEER Virtual Edition

Volume 9, Issue 1, 1995


Welcome to the new look CHEER. Following the launch of the new CTI logo the CHEER Editorial Board decided that the time had come to take another look at the design of CHEER. We hope you like what you see. One thing you will notice is that we have changed from a simple numbering system to a Volume number, Issue number system. So instead of this being CHEER Number 24 in the sequence it becomes Volume 9 Issue 1 (assuming retrospectively that our first CHEER in 1987 was the first issue of Volume 1).

Unfortunately some of you outside the UK will find in the envelope with your copy of CHEER a subscription form for this year's issues. We remain, of course, committed to supplying CHEER free to all economics departments within the United Kingdom and to all individual economists in the UK who would like to have their own copy. However it is no longer possible to extend this to anyone anywhere in the world. In a sense we have become victims of our own success. The mailing list now has over 1100 names on it and we have reluctantly decided that we must impose a charge for overseas readers (apart from one or two exceptional cases where we have agreed to waive the charge) in order to cover our costs. Please note that subscriptions are dealt with by the CTI Centre at Bristol and not at Portsmouth.

However there is one place that you can see CHEER free wherever you are in the world, provided that you have an Internet connection and approriate browsing software for the World Wide Web (such as Mosaic or Netscape). CHEER is now published simultaneously in printed and electronic forms. You can find CHEER online at the following address: You can of course also find there more about the work of the CTI Centre for Economics and associated matters. As an experiment the Editors and Publishers of the Economic Journal have given us permission to make available some of the material from the Economic Journal Software Review section in this form. With the permission of the authors Thomas Krichel and Thorsten Wichmann, we have started with the Internet Primer for Economists from the November 1994 issue of the EJ.

Because of the new CHEER layout (and the World Wide Web version) I should like to be a bit more specific about the format for submissions to CHEER. In addition to a printed hardcopy could authors please send me an ASCII file containing unformatted text, together with separate graphics files of any graphs, screen grabs etc. If the paper contains lots of equations a separate rich text form file would also be of assistance.

As well as the new look CHEER there are two other important events to note for your diaries. First, the official launch of WinEcon at the RES Conference in Canterbury on March 28th. After all the time and effort that has gone into the production of WinEcon I'm sure that I speak for other Economics Consortium members when I say that we will be ready to celebrate the launch in style! The second important event is the CALECO 95 conference in September. Just as with CHEER we have decided that it's time to move to a more stylish and professional approach. If you have come to the CALECO Conference before please note that it will be in Bristol this year, not Portsmouth.

Guy Judge
Department of Economics, University of Portsmouth

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