Economics Network CHEER Virtual Edition


ASSA Conference Paper, Washington, January 1995

A New Generation Computer Based Learning Package for Introductory Economics

Annex 1: Technical Notes

Tools Used in Developing WinEcon

WinEcon has been written using a combination of Asymetrix ToolBook 3.0, with bespoke extensions, and custom written authoring tools. These custom add-ins extend the range and functionality of existing ToolBook features and include spreadsheet, graphing and data handling capabilities (Price and Hobbs 1994).

Running WinEcon

WinEcon is written to operate under Microsoft Windows 3.0 or higher running on a minimum '386 IBM PC compatible. The master WinEcon disk is likely to be supplied on CD-ROM. WinEcon does not require any other hardware or software. The master WinEcon disk can be used to create custom versions which can be used with enrolled students as part of the licence agreement. It is likely that a separate student version will be published for sale through bookshops and will accompany a student workbook.

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