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Volume 8, Issue 3, 1994

News from the CTI Centre for Computing in Economics

Access to CTI Centre Information

Information on the activities of the CTI Centre for Economics is now available on Janet via the World Wide Web. To use the Web you need to have a client program such as Mosaic or Cello running on your PC or Workstation. Information leaflets are available from the Centre on how this works and how to obtain the client software. To access the information use the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). (now changed to -web editor)

The information base includes a searchable copy of the Economics Software Catalogue which we are endeavouring to keep up to date, a task that is impossible with the paper based version. If you are developing or have developed software for use in teaching in Economics, no matter how modest, we will be happy to add this to our list of titles.

With the collaboration of the British Publishers Blackwell, we have now also mounted on the Web server the Blackwell Economics Articles Index. This searchable JEL Classification index lists all the Economics related articles published in Blackwells' jour nals during calendar year 1993 and the first quarter of 1994. While back issues of this Index are not available to us, we do plan to add the annual indices as these are released by the publisher. The full 1994 index should be available in January 1995.

Training Workshop Programme

We propose to run yet again a series of workshops for social scientists who need to use computers in their research and teaching. The workshops will be one or two day "hands-on" courses that will allow participants to acquire additional skills from a giv en package. The workshops will be given either by the author(s) of the package or an acknowledged expert.

Currently we are in the process of compiling the workshop programme and it would help us considerably if you would email to us suggestions of which software packages that you would like to see covered. This will help us to design a programme that more ac curately reflects the needs of the community. Courses covered in the past that have proven to be popular include: Gauss; PC-Give; Microfit; Limdep; and Stata.

Social Science Information Gateway

The ESRC Networked Information Support Officer Nicky Ferguson and his assistant Debra Hiom have created a "one stop shop" entry point via Janet on the World Wide Web for social science researchers and teachers to access much of the global resources on the Internet from one UK entry point. It goes by the name of the Social Science Information Gateway or SOSIG (pronounced "sausage"). For those of you familiar with WWW the URL is: (now changed to

If you are unfamiliar with WWW or wish to know more, then Nicky Ferguson and Debra Hiom may be reached at the CTI Centre, or by calling 0272 288443.

2nd Annual UK Toolbook Users Conference

In early September the 2nd UK Toolbook Users Conference was held at the Hilton Hotel Bristol and was hosted by the Bristol Educational Technology Service and the Centre for Computing in Economics. It attracted participants from as far away as the USA, Australia, and Italy. The conference themes included: Educational issues of Courseware Design, Curriculum Integration, Human Computer Interfacing; Project Management issues; and an exploration of Toolbook Applications covering MultiMedia, Graphics, Hypertext and Hypermedia, and the use of Authoring Templates. A set of proceedings are being published and will be available to all.

Caleco Conference

A strong contingent from the CTI Centre and the TLTP Economics Consortium were present at the annual Caleco Conference Portsmouth held on the 12-13 September.

ALT Conference

The first international conference of the Association for Learning Technology was held at the University of Hull 19-21 September. This featured displays by many of the UK TLTP projects.

TLTP Economics Consortium

The Economics Consortium have now reached the stage of Beta testing the WinEcon Introductory Economics CBL package. Over 60 Associate Members from as far afield as South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and the USA have signed up to assist wit h the Beta testing programme and the first phase of this is expected to be completed by year end. It's not too late to sign up to participate in the Beta testing programme, to do so send an email message to and you will be sent a p assword in order to access the modules. If, however, you would like to simply find out more about WinEcon and its potential place in the curriculum then contact Phil Hobbs Director TLTP Economics Consortium here at the Centre for Computing in Economics.

Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for Economics

The Computers in Teaching Initiative is funded by the Higher Education Funding Councils to promote, through a number of subject based centres, the use of computers in teaching. The Centre for Computing in Economics is one of twenty such subject based centres. Each aims to publicise the resources that are available to lecturing staff who would like to make greater use of computers in their teaching. Amongst the services provided by the Centre for Computing in Economics are: A catalogue of economics teaching software, a bulletin board and a series of workshops on the use of computers in economics. Informal enquiries are always welcome.

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