Economics Network CHEER Virtual Edition

Volume 13, Issue 2, 1999

Online Section for the Journal of Economic Education

The Journal of Economic Education will initiate a new section called "Online" beginning with the Winter issue. Submissions are being accepted now and some forthcoming sites are already linked to the Online section of the JEE Web page.

More information is available from the JEE Web site. Submissions to Online are also done via a form on the JEE Web site.

The primary goal of the Online section is to identify exemplary material for teaching and learning economics that is interactive or otherwise not conducive to traditional printed-page format. It provides a timely outlet for noncommercial work by economists and educators who are creating teaching materials using innovative electronic technology. Those submitting material to be reviewed in the Online section must provide a potentially publishable descriptive note of at most 300 words. The note should describe how the submitted site extends the pedagogical and/or technological frontiers and contributes to teaching and learning economics. Notes describing material at sites that are reviewed positively will be published in the JEE and on the JEE Web site with links to the site.

We are excited about this project and look forward to your submissions! We are hoping to focus a future JEE issue on the topic of course web sites by authors who have used courseware software--WebCT, Blackboard CourseInfo, Lotus Learning Space, etc.--to demonstrate the features and differences among these software packages. If you have a course web site using this type of software package, we'd be pleased to hear from you. More broadly, if you have authored any web site for teaching economics that demonstrates innovative pedagogy or technology, please consider submitting it to JEE.

Kim Sosin
Editor JEE Online Section
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