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Task 2

Below you will see two more examples of responses to classic application form questions. Which do you think would get the job?

Example answers

Describe a time when you had to adapt to a change in order to achieve a better outcome.

Example C

I worked as an intern in the marketing division of a large marketing company. The company has been very successful over the past 3 years and has grown at an average rate of 37% per year. The company has been developing its online marketing operations and has been increasing its share of this market.

I was initially told that I was going to be working for the group marketing director - the group marketing director had been in the position for two years and won 'marketing professional of the year' in 2005. Unfortunately I was assigned to a graduate trainee and wasn't able to become involved in senior level negotiations. However I was able to complete an overhaul of the company's client database - which was very satisfying.

Example D

During my internship with company Z, I was initially asked to collect and analyse information to help the company adjust its marketing strategy to target individuals for graduate programmes. As I was nearing completion of this task the MD asked me to develop my analysis by researching the experienced hire market as well. There was only one week left on my placement but I was determined to succeed.

I set up meetings with several McKinsey strategy consultants to understand the problem from the clients perspective. I collated the results and followed up on the information given.

These interviewed were a significant part of my final internship presentation, which was attended by the MD, the Head of recruitment and the Head of operations. My internship report now forms the basis of an ongoing project to target experienced - hire candidates in the company.

Example C Example D