Worksheets and Projects in Intermediate Microeconomics

Barry Nalebuff, Charles A Holt

This is an index to two occasional columns from the JEP: the Puzzles column edited by Barry Nalebuff and the Classroom Games column edited by Charles A. Holt. The former presents, with answers, puzzles to stimulate teaching, research and discussion. The latter describes classroom exercises for the teaching of undergraduate-level economics.

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Mark S Walbert, Illinois State University

This course web site holds 13 workbooks on microeconomic topics. Each includes an instruction sheet, a model and some quiz questions. The topics are: Reservation Prices, Supply and Demand, Price Elasticity, Consumer Choice, Consumer Demand, Cost Minimization, Price-taking Firm, PC Product Markets, Monopolistic Markets, Labor/Leisure, PC Input Market, Monopsonistic Markets, and General Equilibrium.

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Byron W Brown, Michigan State University

Problems in Microeconomics is "a set of practice problems and interactive lecture displays for students and faculty in introductory courses in microeconomics", written by Byron W. Brown, Professor of Economics at Michigan State University. The material here is presented as a combination of PDF files and Excel workbooks. There are 38 topics covered, mostly of an intermediate level. The site has detailed notes for instructors.

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Margaret Bray, London School of Economics and Political Science

This complete set of materials for teaching income tax has been used in a second year undergraduate microeconomics course for economics specialists at the London School of Economics. The material could also be used in a public finance course. There are 107 Powerpoint slides, a worked example to support the lecture, a class activity involving student presentations (printable instructions for students and for lecturers) and some assessment questions.

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Greg Delemeester, Marietta College

The site holds tests and exams, along with four assignments in which students are asked to create spreadsheets to illustrate specific concepts. The four topics are supply and demand, consumer utility maximisation, profit maximisation for a competitive firm, and profit maximisation for a monopoly. It is part of a course webpage supporting an intermediate economics course.

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