Software in Statistics for Economists

Tony O'Hagan, University of Sheffield

First Bayes is a teaching package for elementary Bayesian statistics. Distributions from any of thirteen standard families may be plotted and many summaries computed. The prior distribution, likelihood and posterior distribution can be plotted on a single "triplot". First Bayes is offered free to anyone interested in teaching or learning Bayesian Statistics, provided it is not used for profit.

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Concept Stew Ltd

Statistics for the Terrified covers all the techniques required by undergraduate students and many researchers in a user-friendly, common sense, non-mathematical and highly interactive way. Version 5.0 is suitable for undergraduate students and many researchers. The LITE edition covers all the most essential areas: it is aimed at students who are working towards passing a unit or module within their main area of study. It is not suitable for those who intend to pursue research themselves. Users will need an individual or institutional license.

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DIA Agency

Gemodel 3.2 simulates neo-classical economic models such as those found in price theory, public finance, international trade, and economic development textbooks. This software is designed to calculate numerical solutions for non-linear general equilibrium models so that the comparative static results of economic theory may be illustrated. Policy analysis can also be undertaken. Production is modelled using a variable return CES production function for two or three industries, whilst consumption is represented using a CES utility function for 1-19 household classes. The model can also be used in international trade, public finance and welfare. Users will need to purchase a license to use the software.

Data Description, Inc
ActivStats is a multimedia education product on DVD-ROM that teaches introductory college-level statistics and the use of the Data Desk data exploration package. Animated activities introduce statistics concepts. Teaching applets reinforce those concepts. Video and guided analyses of real-world data provide hands-on practice with Data Desk. Academic and professional versions are available, with support materials available on the website.
Rick Parris, Phillips Exeter Academy
This is a free statistical package which includes several simulations and provides access to scatter plots, curve fitting, histograms, statistical data, and standard theoretical probability distributions. It also simulates dealing cards, sampling candy, tossing darts, needles and coins. There are two least-squares demos and a confidence-interval demo. The site provides a support FAQ and a number of versions in different languages.
Boston College Department of Economics
Part of the IDEAS project, this page lists statistical software components from the Boston College Department of Economics. This archive includes many downloadable Stata modules and other procedures. The archive stretches back from the present day to 1995. Users can browse by year or undertake a keyword search of the archive.
Econometrics Software Laboratory Archive
ELSA's aim is to facilitate the interchange of computational algorithms that have economic applications. Their website contains experimental software, algorithms, documentation and manuals. The site was last updated in 2003, so users may find more up-to-date materials elsewhere.
The Netlib repository contains freely available software, documents, and databases of interest to the numerical, scientific computing, and other communities. The repository is maintained by AT&T Bell Laboratories, the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and by colleagues world-wide. Most Netlib software packages have no restrictions on their use but it is recommended that you check with the authors to be sure. It is possible to search or browse the site for resources.

Statistical analysis package available for PC and Mac, claiming to be user friendly while also suitable for "heavy duty" statistical work. Academic discounts are available.

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