Video and Audio Lectures in Socialist and Marxist Economics

Ben Fine, SOAS

Two video lectures, totalling seventy minutes, hosted by Post-Crash Economics Society Manchester and Manchester's Political Economy Institute. Fine gives a historical perspective on why Marxist Political Economy and other heterodox perspectives are absent from the mainstream economic curriculum.

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Richard Wolff, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

This course site includes four video lectures, of about 100 minutes each. The focus is the use and application of "core concepts of Marxian economic theory – necessary and surplus labor, labor power, surplus value, exploitation, capital accumulation, distributions of the surplus, capitalist crises, and the differences between capitalist and other class structures." The videos are hosted on Vimeo from where they can be embedded in other web sites.

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Bob Marks, Australian Graduate School of Management

Professor Joan Robinson (1903-1983) was a guest professor at Stanford University in May 1974. Robinson was a member of Keynes inner circle as he wrote the General Theory, and later became a strident critic of textbook economics. This webpage features partial recordings of her guest lectures amounting to over 3 hours of mp3 audio files. Topics covered: What is Wrong with Neoclassical Economics?, Traditional Economics is Inappropriate for Developing Economics, Socialist Economies and Consumer Sovereignty.

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