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This is an attempt to make a freely reusable online textbook for Transportation Economics, aimed at "advanced undergraduate and graduate civil engineering, planning, business, and economics students, though the material may provide a useful review for practitioners". It presently includes fourteen content pages, each of which is meant to have content appropriate for a ninety-minute lecture. All the text and images can be copied, adapted and redistributed.

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Aaron Hatcher, University of Portsmouth

Lecture notes and slides in PDF format from a course taught in 2008

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Hunt Allcott, MIT

Archived site for a course exploring "the proper role of government in the regulation of the environment," centered on Kolstad's textbook Environmental Economics. It includes PDF format slides, lecture notes and selected assignments without solutions.

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Moshe Ben-Akiva and Michael Frumin, MIT

Reading list, selected lecture notes and assignments from a Masters-level 2008 course that aims to "give a broad insight into the different facets of transportation systems, while providing a solid introduction to transportation demand and cost analyses."

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Neva Goodwin, Julie A. Nelson, and Jonathan M. Harris, Tufts University

This 32-page module, drawn from the sixth chapter of the textbook Macroeconomics in Context, presents an overview of innovations in national accounting related to measuring well-being. The module describes satellite accounts for the environment, methods of counting household production, and the construction of well-being indicators such as the Genuine Progress Indicator and the Human Development Index.

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Jonathan Harris and Brian Roach, Tufts University

This module, based on the 2006 textbook "Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: A Contemporary Approach", discusses the scientific evidence on climate change, including recent projections on temperature and sea-level rise. It then evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of economic analysis of the issue, including discussion of valuation of environmental damages, carbon taxes, tradable permits, and policy issues.

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International Institute for Sustainable Development

These four pages give an overview of the problem of market failure and introduce some categories of instrument that governments can use to address the problem. The site also has case studies of the use of these instruments and is produced by the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

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Nathan Johnson,

This short essay by an undergraduate examines the ways in which free trade can both hamper and promote environmental protection. It also contains links to related articles and websites on free trade and environment at

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Anthony Plumridge, University of the West of England

A five-side primer introducing key concepts from the mainstream and from ecological economics (Microsoft Word format)

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D. S. G. Pollock, Queen Mary College, University of London

These detailed lecture notes and slides are from an Environmental Economics course at Queen Mary. There are nearly thirty files for download in PDF. Lecture topics include: Introduction, Origins and Prospects, The Origins of Mankind, Population Dynamics, AIDS in Africa, Malthus and His Contemporaries, Fisheries: The Tragedy of the Commons, Global Warming, Depletion of Stratospheric Ozone, Time Preference and Myopia, Nuclear Power and the UK Energy Policy, Neoclassical Analysis of Pollution Costs, Electricity from Renewables, Malthus: Essay on the Principle of Population, Coase: The Problem of Social Cost, Dasgupta: The Population Problem, Boserup: Conditions of Agricultural Growth, McEvedy: European Population History, McEvedy: Asian Population History, Detr: Climate Change and Its Impacts, IPCC WG1: The Third Assessment Report of Working Group I of the (IPCC), Pollution, and Nuclear Power.

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David Zilberman, University of California, Berkeley

Archive of PDF notes and examples from a course 1999-2001. Together they cover 20 topics in environmental and resource economics.

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