Curricula and Syllabi in Intermediate Macroeconomics

G Vernasca, University of Essex. Department of Economics, K Burdett, University of Essex. Department of Economics

This course webpage supports a course on intermediate macroeconomics as taught by G. Vernasca and K. Burdett at the University of Essex in 2009/10, based on Mankiw's Macroeconomics (2006), 6th ed.. It includes a course outline, lecture notes, assignments and problem sets with solutions.

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Wei-Choun Yu, Winona State University

This is a support website for the teaching of Wei-Choun Yu, Assistant Professor of Economics at Winona State University. It contains teaching materials for Macroeconomics, International Economics and Forecasting Methods. The individual course pages include syllabi, assignments, lecture slides and other materials. Each course page also includes brief links to external Internet sites.

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