Assessment Materials in Econometrics

Sara Ellison, MIT

Archived materials from a Spring 2012 course that aims to take students "through the process of forming economic hypotheses, gathering the appropriate data, analyzing them, and effectively communicating their results". Includes reading suggestions and assessment materials (without answers). The course presumes knowledge of statistical methods in economics.

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Guy Judge, University of Portsmouth

This webpage provides ten multiple choice questions for introductory econometrics, written by Guy Judge of Portsmouth University. The quiz is hosted by the Quia service, which allows academics to add their own quizzes by subscription. Marking and feedback on the correct answers is provided.

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D. S. G. Pollock, Queen Mary College, University of London

Fifteen detailed lecture handouts in PDF are archived here along with 11 exercise sheets with answers. The lecture topics are: Sets and Boolean Algebra, The Binomial Distribution, The Multinomial Distribution, The Poisson Distribution, The Binomial Moment Generating Function, The Normal Moment Generating Function, Characteristic Functions and the Uncertainty Principle, The Bivariate Normal Distribution, The Multivariate Normal Distribution, Conditional Expectations and Linear Regression, Sampling Distributions, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Regression estimation via Maximum Likelihood, Cochrane's Theorem, and Stochastic Convergence.

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Daniel L McFadden, University of California, Berkeley

Available are notes from lectures, problem sets, and a sample exam. Lecture topics are: Discrete Response Models, Sampling and Selection, Generalized Method of Moments, Instrumental Variables, Systems of Regression Equations, Simultaneous Equations, and Robust Methods in Econometrics. From an Econometrics / statistics course as taught in 2001.

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Daniel McFadden, University of California, Berkeley, James Powell, University of California, Berkeley

This 1998 course page has seven sets of extensive lecture notes totalling more than 160 pages of explanatory material. There are also seven quizzes, also in PDF and PostScript formats. The course is an Introduction of Econometrics / Statistics as taught by Daniel McFadden, James Powell at University of California, Berkeley.

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Bill Wan Sing Hung, Hong Kong Baptist University

This is a large set of exercises keyed to chapters of the textbook "Basic Econometrics" by Damodar N. Gujarati, with suggested answers for all questions.

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Mike Abbott, Queen's University, Kingston

This is a course website for Introductory Econometrics as taught by Mike Abbott at Queen's University, Kingston (Australia). It includes extensive course materials, lecture notes, statistical tables, datasets and assignments and a number of past exams, going back to 1997, some with answers in separate files.

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Trudy Ann Cameron, UCLA

A large archive of past exams covering applied regression analysis. Links are included to a range of past papers with detailed solutions in separate files.

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Trudy Ann Cameron, University of California, Los Angeles
These twenty-two quizzes on applied regression analysis, were written by Trudy Ann Cameron of UCLA. Each multiple choice quiz has ten questions and the list is divided into topics, such as Locating related things in SHAZAM output, F-tests, log forms, quadratic forms and Moments of distributions; Common distributions.

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