Sources of Advice on Teaching and Learning

Economics Network

This is a peer-reviewed journal (both paper and online), with editors based in the UK and Australia, aiming to "promote research into effective learning and teaching in economics in higher education". It is published twice a year by the Economics Network and all articles are freely available from the website, with an archive stretching back to 2003.

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Greg Delemeester, Marietta College, John Neral, Frostburg State University

No longer being published, Classroom Expernomics was a newsletter dedicated to the use of economic experiments as a teaching tool for the classroom. This archive site holds exercises that were provided by economics teachers and lecturers. Back issues are available from Spring 1994-Fall 2003.

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Idaho State University

Published annually, this US-based online journal seeks to publish "a broad range of research including pedagogy models, case studies, experiments, active learning strategies, student-oriented issues, and other classroom-based scholarship of high quality and broad interest to economic educators."

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World Economics Association

Critical articles on mainstream (neoclassical) economics, and alternatives, including ideas on how to revive and teach disappearing heterodox traditions [eg Post-Keynesianism, Austrian Economics, Marxism, Neo-Ricardianism, Old Institutionalism]. Articles are all non-technically presented, many by prominent economists within and outside the neoclassical tradition. Also background information and news on the 'Post-Autistic Economics Network' and its quest to preserve a non-mainstream curriculum.

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

This database holds details of more than a thousand English language papers in economics education, including the entirety of the Journal of Economic Education. This service allows you to search the database by keyword or boolean combination.

Cengage Learning

This is a complete on-line archive of the semi-annual electronic newsletter edited by William McEachern of the University of Connecticut. Through news items and reviews of web sites, new books and research, he examines economics teaching from a surprising number of angles.

Department of Economics, Indiana University

This site offers abstracts and tables of contents for JEE articles from 1984 to the present. The articles cover innovations in and evaluation of teaching techniques, materials and programmes in economics, and is aimed at instructors of introductory to graduate-level economics.

ERN Educator

This is an online journal for works in progress, containing working papers which include papers awaiting review for the Journal of Economic Education. The mission of this journal includes the publication of descriptions of innovative courses and course materials. This is part of the US-based Economics Research Network.

Tennessee Economics Association

Published by the Tennessee Economics Association, this peer-reviewed journal covers economics education at all levels. Published roughly twice a year, it is available on open access with issues going back to the first in 1999.