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Adam Smith Institute blog
The Adam Smith Institute is a leading British think tank which advocates free trade and free market policies. Its blog acts as a discussion forum for issues relating to British social, economic and public policy. It is possible to search the archives of the site or browse by author or subject area. Topics covered include: education, globalisation, privatization and public-private partnerships, health policy and the NHS, regulation of the economy, taxation, government administration and justice policy. The site also includes links to full-text books and pamphlets published by the Adam Smith Institute on these issues.
Beat the press
Beat the Press is a blog written by Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) in Washington, DC, that covers the reporting of economic issues. The blog features short articles dissecting stories that have appeared in American newspapers, with links to relevant research, usually from CEPR. Users can contribute to the blog via comments, browse through the archive of previous postings and explore the links to related blogs and economics websites.
David Smith's EconomicsUK
David Smith's EconomicsUK is an extensive website dealing with many aspects of the UK economy. David Smith is Economics Editor for the Sunday Times and a number of other business publications. His website is presented in blog format, although you can also access materials by subject area too.
Econ-Atrocity Blog
The Econ-Atrocity Blog is features a biweekly series of short articles on outrageous and inspiring economic issues, sent out by email from the Center for Popular Economics (CPE). This blog archives these updates, as well as, featuring additional posts written by CPE staff economists. Users can explore the archive of posting by month or by subject, contribute to the discussion by making comments and subscribe via email or RSS to receive updates. The Econ-Atrocity Blog is part of which supports the book, the Field Guide to the U.S. Economy, produced by the Center for Popular Economics.
Grasping reality with both hands
Grasping Reality with Both Hands is the semi-daily journal or blog of US economist Brad DeLong. DeLong is professor of economics at the University of California at Berkeley and was deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury for economic policy 1993-1995. He works in the areas of business cycle dynamics through economic growth, behavioural finance, political economy, economic history, international finance to the history of economic thought. The blog features up to date comments by him and extracts from newspaper items on the US economy. Some of the entries link through to whole interviews or articles from TV, radio or newspapers. The blog also includes round-ups of links to economic / financial information from data sources, other blogs and media outlets.
Marginal Revolution
Marginal Revolution is a blog produced by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, both professors of economics at George Mason University in the United States. Their blog is a forum for debate on economics and related issues. All types of issue are debated - housing, environmentally friendly methods of transport, medical care, the cost of living in various cities and even art works.
Palgrave econolog
The Palgrave Econolog is an economics blog aggregator. It surveys the content of more than 350 economics blogs, indexes them by topic and tracks traffic so that you can see at a glance what economists are reading and writing about, highlighting hot stories, papers, books and conferences. Users can filter the aggregated posts by type, review the list of blogs that are being aggregated, see a ranking of economics blogs based on links between economics blogs over the last 90 days and see the Zeitgeist view of hot topics being discussed by economics bloggers. A variety of RSS feeds are available for the different parts of the site.
Columns and audio interviews by economists, frequently updated. Contributions can be browsed by topic, author, date, or popularity. The site is hosted by the Centre for Economic Policy Research

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