Using Ecological Economics and Problem-Based Learning

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Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham


A workshop aimed at those who wish to embed sustainability into their economics teaching. The workshop will provide some practical ideas and resources for doing this, as well as allowing participants to discuss and share their own ideas.

This workshop aims to:

  1. Describe the "What Makes a Town Sustainable?" project partly funded by the Economics Network and including work completed by an economics student using a problem-based learning ecological economics workbook.
  2. Tease out particular problem-based learning concepts and ecological economics concepts for those with no background.
  3. Allow participants to consider the suggestions from the case study as to which activities and information from this workbook can be incorporated into courses.
  4. Offer participants the opportunity to share their ideas for embedding sustainability, problem-based learning, and ecological economics in the economics curriculum, and take home contract ideas to put into practice immediately.

About the Presenters

Heather Witham is the Education for Sustainable Development Project Coordinator for the Higher Education Academy and was an economics lecturer in New York. She managed the "What Makes a Town Sustainable?" project and facilitates the ESD & Economics e-mail list for the Economics Network.

Dr Andrew Mearman is a senior lecturer in Economics at the University of the West of England, and a Departmental Contact for the Economics Network. He is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Environment, Workplace and Employment. The Economics Network is funding his project on perceptions of economics.

Dr Inna Pomorina worked as a Senior Lecturer at St. Petersburg University of Finance and Economy and as a visiting lecturer at the University of the West of England. She is now a Research Fellow at the Economics Network, helping to organise and facilitate national workshops offered by the Network. She is responsible for the Network's research programme into teaching economics and the Good Practice Showcase. She has a particular interest in Problem-Based Learning.

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1. Welcome and introduction

2. "What Makes a Town Sustainable?": The Project

3. Ecological Economics and Problem-Based Learning

4. A Case Study of Ideas
Throughout this session delegates will be actively involved in exploring ways they may apply the techniques learnt to their own situations.

5. An information exchange session on other ideas

6. Close

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