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Volume 13, Issue 2, 1999 Contents

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* Editorial


* The Heckscher-Ohlin Model with variable input coefficients in spreadsheets
     J Wilson Mixon, Jr. and Soumaya M Tohamy

* The generation of stock-price/yields data sets for the simulation of the two-asset portfolio model and the CAPM using spreadsheets
     James A Reiss

* Simple Monte Carlo studies on a spreadsheet
     Guy Judge

* The use of the Internet for scientific modelling purposes: interest, implementation and example of application.
     Clara Ulrich and Jérôme Guitton

* Integrating an Economics Glossary into any Web site
     Martin Poulter and Peter Meyer

News and Reports

* Au Revoir
     Chris Mitchell

* CTI Economics, 10 Years Young
     Phil Hobbs

* Resources for Economists at MIMAS
     Anne McCombe

* Online with the Journal of Economic Education
     Kim Sosin

* Conference Reports
     Kate Garland and Kathy Munro


* Scientific Workplace and Scientific Notebook Version 3
     Barry Murphy
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